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Heating with biodiesel

Here at ReadySetMom corporate headquarters (i.e. Starbucks) we thought we'd try something that might actually be helpful to someone. Enviromom! No, no, no we haven't created a new superhero (though if you feel inclined to don a green cape, please do) rather we want to celebrate the small victories of incorporating "green living" into our everyday lives. So, here's my latest victory:

My house is heated with oil. How delighted I was when I discovered that my oil company, First Call Heating and Cooling, now offers an 80/20 blend of oil and biodiesel, made from cooking oil, as an alternative to pure oil. It costs the same, it heats the same, it doesn't smell any different, but it burns cleaner than pure oil.

Send us your victories! What small - or big - things have you done to add more green to your life?

(Note: Originally published/posted by Heather on ReadySetMom.com)


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