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101 re-use ideas for yogurt cups

On our last day of Master Recycler class, Betty Patton, director of the Association of Oregon Recyclers, made a great point for those who grouse that certain plastics are not part of the curbside recycling program. She suggested we think about why we have these items instead. So if it's a plastic takeout container, think about ways to avoid getting it in the first place. She brings her own durable takeout containers when she dines out (I've thought about doing that, but haven't managed to yet). But I did see a very normal-looking mom her daughter the other day wrapping their leftover restaurant food to go in their own containers from home. And I just thought that was the best.

But for today I wanted to brainstorm on 101 re-uses for yogurt cups. I know I won't stop buying yogurt anytime in the near future. I have switched to the larger size, as that ends up being less packaging than the individual sized yogurts (I used to buy without those without a second thought). Since they are not currently collected as part of the curbside recycling program in our area, I'm getting creative on how to re-use them. Here are some of the things we do with yogurt cups in our house:

  • Holders for markers and crayons
  • Holders for small art supplies like sequins and beads
  • Buckets for building sand-castles
  • Rinse buckets for shampooing the kids' hair at bath-time
  • Bathtub toys
  • Rinse buckets for cleaning sinks, tubs, showers, etc.
  • Holder for coffee grounds (I've been saving coffee grounds separately from the compost for a slug deterrent for garden plants)
  • At our preschool, they use the little ones for paint cups at the art easel

Now hopefully, you can suggest a few more re-use ideas for yogurt cups, and see if we can cooperatively come up with 101 ideas...


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