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Cold wash, no sort laundry: what do you think?

Betty from our GreenGroup has an interesting approach to laundry. She doesn't sort it by color, and she washes everything in cold water. I think she said she got the idea from flylady. The pros of this scenario are several:

  • Save energy by not heating the water
  • Save energy by always washing full loads
  • Save some time by not having to sort

Betty claims she's seen no difference in the wash quality. Yet, I can't bring myself to try this; the idea kind of scares me. I've been washing clothing the way my mom taught me for years (i.e., sorting into white, light and dark piles. Hot for whites, warm for lights, cold for darks).

What do you think? How do you wash? Stuck in the old way like me? Or ready to save some energy and try something new?


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