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GreenGroup July tidbits

We've been a bit remiss in posting about the activities of our GreenGroup. This rambling, catch-all post will feature everything I can remember from our last two meetings....

Early in July, we met at the Watershed Resource Center at the SWCC, and had a guest speaker from our Master Recycler class, Alex H. Alex is a scientist who consults currently for a Japanese company that has invented technology to ionize water, getting it to pH 12.6 (normal tap is closer to pH 7). This is a green hard-surface cleaner since it's just water. It has no perfumes, colors or chemical waste made in manufacture. It's great for breaking down grease and neutralizing scents (such as urine). He gave us all a sample and we've been pretty pleased with the results. Alex explained the product is being marketed to restaurants, but not the home user yet. Since it's water, and shipping water from Japan isn't such a great idea, the hope is that the market for this product will enable it's makers to bring the technology to the US so it can be manufactured locally.

Last weekend, we took a field trip to Heather's house. Heather served us a delicious snack from the Hillsdale Farmers Market: pear-pepper jelly and goat cheese on beer bread. With blueberries on the side!

We got a tour of her house and she showed us projects she's been working on: her plastics recycling center, kitchen compost pail, home-made "earth machine" in back, her garden and veggies, plants and watering. Then we brainstormed on how and where to put a clothesline up in her back yard. And it seems like we all were able to generate some creative/workable ideas for her.

Aside from that, we talked about green remodeling, specifically Marmoleum and if people like that or if it's too high maintenance. Rhonda, a new mom, came and we talked about gDiapers and composting them. She has a septic so she can't flush hers, but was thinking of trying to compost them. We talked a bit about the samples of pH12.6 and Heather has really liked it for cleaning her kitchen counters.

Lastly, we've got about five women who are forming an eastside GreenGroup. If you're interested in joining, now would be a good time to let us know.


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