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Repelling yellow jackets with (gulp) Bounce dryer sheets

Bounce dryer sheets are not exactly environmentally-friendly. They are chock-full of chemicals and disposable. That said, I've had a jumbo box from Costco sitting on the laundry room shelf mocking me for months now. Well, somewhere on the Internet I read that you can repel yellow jackets with Bounce dryer sheets. Just lay 'em around. This time of year we can't eat on our deck due to yellow jackets buzzing about, so I tried the Bounce technique by placing a couple on our table. Believe it or not, it works. We can now spend hours on our deck undisturbed by yellow jackets. And if one comes near us, we just wave a dryer sheet around, and off they go. I'm not sure what category this falls into -- perhaps 'reuse' -- but I'm feeling good that we don't have to resort to spraying chemicals to keep the yellow jackets at bay -- though is Bounce any better?


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