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Are you game for a Green Halloween?

So here's another fast-approaching holiday that could benefit from losing some of the excess: Halloween. Heather and I were just talking about Halloween the other day. I have such mixed feelings about Halloween. I loved it as a kid. As I recollect, we trick-or-treated with pillow cases, filling them until they were laden with pounds of candy. Our parents would pick through, make sure it was all safe, then let us partake until our teeth rotted and our bellies ached.

One friend recently said that the candy fairy comes and takes away the excess candy after a day or two, then replaces it with a present (I was eavesdropping on this conversation, so I hope I got that right). Even that gives me mixed feelings. I love that it keeps kids from eating all the junk, but I hate to throw away anything, even if it is junk food. Someone built a manufacturing and distribution channel, and made the candy. Someone then bought and paid for it. And if we throw it out, then our hand-working garbage haulers have to truck it, transfer it, then landfill it. Senseless waste! In past years, I've foisted the excess candy on my husband or his work, but again, it's not like adults really need a lot of candy either.

So Heather was thinking about temporary tattoos as a giveaway. I was toying with the idea of stickers. Or pennies. What I don't want to do is foist other forms of crap (i.e., the made in China "goody bag" type of crap) on kids either. Then today I came across the Green Halloween site (via Red Tricycle, out of Seattle), who urge us to "think outside the candy box." They suggest healthy foods and "treasures." What do you think? How do you green your Halloween?


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