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Are Duraflame logs eco-friendly?

We've certainly burnt our share of Duraflame logs in the fireplace...the lazy (wo)man's fire starter. A reader has a question about this, and I'm curious, too:

Do you know anything about those wrapped fireplace logs, like Duraflame? When you burn them are you releasing toxins, or is it any different than burning regular firewood? Does anyone know of a non-toxic, "green" fireplace log?

I paid a quick visit to the Duraflame Web site, and right there on the landing page they proudly announce that "After 30 years, we've gone all-renewable by making the switch to non-petroleum waxes. In other words, Duraflame is the most eco-friendly way to enjoy a fire!" They have a video you can watch that explains the new, green formula, and they claim their new logs burn cleaner than firewood. It seems like my brother uses logs made from coffee grounds, which I guess is eco-friendly. Anyone know more about fire logs?


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