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Sippy cup alternatives?

Becky is looking for some wise-reader input:

So with all this talk of poison plastics in our bottles, my husband and I are looking for an alternative to all the sippy cups. The only ones she will take are #7 and we have to get rid of them. We are looking into the Sigg bottles and the Klean Kanteen for our 14mth old to switch to. I know that you have posted about them before but I am looking mostly at the pros and cons of the sippy attachments specifically. She can not drink milk out of a regular cup yet, water she does ok with, and she likes her milk hot still. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

What are your experiences with Sigg and Klean Kanteen for toddlers? Any leakage problems? Some of the top attachments can be tricky to drink from, particularly for a 14-month old. Any to recommend or avoid? And can you put warm liquids in either? (It seems like I read that you shouldn't put warm liquids in a Sigg bottle.) I found a plastic sippy cup called Born Free that contains no bisphenol A (I think Whole Foods might carry these.) And Thermos has a stainless-steel sippy cup called Foogo. What do you think about these products?


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