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Diva love

So. It's a little weird to share my feminine hygiene practices with the Internet (hi Dad!) but I will valiantly put aside my inhibitions for the betterment of the planet, and quite possibly, mankind. (I have to think in grander terms or I'll never get through this post.) Awhile back I wrote about eco-friendly feminine hygiene options: the reusable pads, the Diva Cup and the Keeper, etc. A lot of you commented, so I know it's something you are thinking about and deep down are considering. It got me to thinking, too, and I found myself tossing a Diva Cup into my cart at New Seasons. It was the one option that I felt could realistically work for me, so why not give it a go? I was willing to risk the $35 investment, again, for planetary salvation. (Bows head with a humble sigh.)

The Diva Cup is a small, silicone rubber vessel that you insert, and it catches your flow. You empty it out once or twice a day, rinse and reinsert. It is eco-friendly because you aren't tossing anything into the garbage AND it is reusable, so no manufacturing waste is being generated to create new products to replace old (disposable) products. But does it work? The first day I tried it, it was really uncomfortable. I thought there was no way this was going to work for me. The second day I tried was golden. No discomfort and I was hardly aware of it at all. No leakage or spillage. It worked exactly like it was supposed to, and I wore it day and night. If you aren't terribly comfortable with your body, the insertion could take a little getting used to. But the instructions provided are really helpful, and you just need to give yourself time to learn how it works.

I bought the Diva Wash plant-based cleanser, too, to keep it all spic and span. They also provide a handy little storage bag AND a Diva Cup lapel pin (!!!) which I guess helps you to identify other members of this sacred society, so you can share tips and, er, heck I don't know. Why would a company that manufactures an eco-friendly product waste resources to create something that no sane woman is going to wear? C'mon. Tacky jewelry aside, I think my tampon-buying days are over. I hope it continues to work, because it sure does feel good to keep that disposable stuff out of the waste stream. Anyone else want to bare their soul with a Diva story?


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