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How to green-up a playgroup?

You get a bunch of kids together for snack time and usually you want it to be quick and painless -- no fuss, no mess. But convenience foods generally translate into lots of waste. Susan wants to find ways to make her playgroup a little more green:

I stumbled onto your website and wanted to ask a question regarding playgroups here in Atlanta.  We host one every Friday in our neighborhood.  We have about 25-30 kids on any given Friday.  We rotate providing snacks and drinks for the kids.  We seem to create a lot of trash...juice boxes, wrappers from the straws, not to mention the the snack bag.  Can you give us an idea of how to make playgroup more green?

Should we reuse cups?  One person would have to wash them, but does that creat more water run off etc?  Is paper the way to go or is that wasteful? Any help would be appreciated.

This is such a great topic to explore! While I can't quite wrap my brain around having 30 kids in my home, I know our clever EnviroMom community can brainstorm some waste-reduction solutions. Here's one: what if each child brought their own durable cup from home and you served juice from bottles rather than individual boxes? Then the cup goes home with the child and one person isn't stuck washing 30 cups. The juice bottles can be recycled, et voila, you've eliminated a huge amount of landfill waste.

OK, EnviroMoms, how else can Susan's playgroup snacktime waste be reduced or eliminated?


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