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Portlanders: volunteer with Friends of Trees!

Trees Have a little time to spare for a worthy non-profit that works to beautify and add CO2 soakers throughout our fair city? Friends of Trees needs you!

Friends of Trees is calling out to those interested in helping keep Portland green!  We are a non-profit organization that does tree plantings in both neighborhoods and natural areas.  This year we are planting trees in more than 45 neighborhoods here in Portland.  We would really love to plant in EVERY neighborhood, but we need volunteers to be our Neighborhood Coordinators.  This individual would be the contact between Friends of Trees and homeowners in the neighborhood.  The Neighborhood Coordinator would encourage homeowners to sign up for street or yard trees and then help organize the planting.  If you are interested in devoting 60-100 hours of your time (over the span of 6-8 months, our planting season runs roughly from October-March) and being one of our Neighborhood Coordinators next year, please email brightonw@friendsoftrees.org or whitneyd@friendsoftrees.org.  The list of neighborhoods we are already planting is on our website at: http://www.friendsoftrees.org/events/planting.php.  We are always looking for new neighborhoods to plant in, but we need your help!

For more information about Friends of Trees, visit www.friendsoftrees.org.


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