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Washing laundry in cold water

Betty from our SW Portland GreenGroup was the first person to suggest washing laundry in cold water. I admit I was skeptical. So often we get stuck in habits and are just unwilling to try something new. Well, at least that's what I was feeling about washing all my laundry in cold water. Then I heard a little more about it via New American Dream's Beat the Heat, Wash in Cold campaign. I was shocked to learn that:

  • 90% of the energy used in washing clothing is from heating the water
  • If you wash 80% or 4 out of 5 loads on cold/cold, you'll cut 72 pounds of CO2 emission in one month
  • If you wash 80% of your laundry on cold/cold for a year, you should save from $60-100 on your energy bills

So I tried it. And I can't complain at all. The clothing smells and looks just as clean as when I was washing on warm/cold. I can't believe I didn't try this sooner. I also worry a lot less about the laundry, because usually I forget to read the tags and don't know when to wash delicate things on cold. Now everything is on cold. And it's good. I'm curious now to compare some of our electricity bills with past years to see if we are really saving money too.

Do you wash on cold?


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