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What to do with an old electric breast pump?

Melissa writes:

My Medela Pump-In-Style electric breast pump is starting to lose its oomph. I've been using it twice a day, four days a week, for 18 months. I've read on Kelly Mom and other sites that the pumps typically should be replaced after a year. As a single use item, what should be done with it?

First of all, I cannot believe that an expensive pump (around $200, yes?) should be replaced after a year! That's insane! I checked the Medela Web site, and they do not offer service on their Pump-In-Style pumps, even if still under warranty (they simply replace them). There's some kind of motor in there, but otherwise I'm unsure of the other components. Does anyone have any ideas for Melissa? Or is it destined for the dump?


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