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Home-made soft soap works great as shampoo too

File this under: why did it take me so long to try this? Ages ago, I posted a home-made, all natural soft soap recipe, which I continue to make and love. You just never know with a blog, but for whatever reason, this ended up being a very popular post. As I mentioned in the original post, this recipe was for home-made shampoo, since I couldn't find one for soft soap. And it's fit the bill just fine as soft soap.

This week, I tried it for the first time as shampoo. Here at EnviroMom we don't test on animals, but we do test on kids -- my own. This time the excuse for procrastination was that I needed to finish the old bottle of shampoo before trying a new one. (You know how that goes. Otherwise the whole bath tub gets taken over by shampoo bottles. I digress...) I shampoo'ed the kids' hair with my three-ingredient soft-soap/shampoo, and I've gotta say, it's great! My 3-year-old has short, baby fine hair that's mostly straight, but usually gets a bit flyaway after shampooing. Not so with my home-made shampoo! It's soft, manageable, not greasy, and really smells good. I washed it last Friday, and it's still clean and sweet smelling. (Today, Heather was shocked at how good she looked when I told her it had been so long since I'd bathed and shampooed this child. But, hey, we sure save a lot on hot water!!) My other daughter has long, thick, curly hair. It also got nice and clean with this shampoo. Her hair tangles easily, so I use conditioner on her (but not my 3-year-old). In any case, I was super pleased with how well my home-made shampoo worked on both my kids' hair. Next, I'll have to try it on me, now that's we've successfully tested it on the kids.

A few caveats: unlike store-bought shampoo, this is very thin and runny, so you need to be careful with the amount when you squeeze it out (I just put it in a reused old shampoo bottle). If your kids or spouse do the shampooing, you may want to warn them that the shampoo comes out fast and is not syrupy like store-bought shampoo. One other thing: shake well before using, since it's not all homogenized, and it may look a little lumpy (this was either a residue from the old shampoo in my reused bottle, or maybe the glycerine glops up a bit). No big deal, but just be forewarned that it doesn't look like regular shampoo. It lathers up quite nicely, but also not as much as regular shampoo.

As I said, the next step is to wash my own hair with it. Like with my natural deodorant experiments, sometimes getting the ol' EnviroMom herself to switch is the hardest part. And perhaps, whipping up some natural, home-made conditioner for my lovely-locked older daughter... Does anyone have any recipes to share for home-made, all natural hair conditioner?


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