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Make your own peat pots out of newspaper

If you are planning to sow seeds indoors before planting them in the garden, you can save yourself a small bundle (and practice reuse) by making your own pots from newspaper rather than buying peat pots. I read about this over at the Muddy Clogs blog, which I follow with a combination of awe and envy, where she documents her garden preparation (and recently introduced her new chickens!). She's listed the instructions for making the pots, so I won't repeat them here, but it's such a clever idea. Before she plants the newspaper pots in the ground, she rips the bottoms so the roots can grow. The newspaper decays quickly in the soil. If I were truly industrious that's what I'd be doing on this rainy Sunday, instead of staring out the window wondering if the sun will ever shine again. Sniff. So the rest of you better get busy.


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