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Plastic bags with stickers: can they be recycled?

Here's a good question from a Portland reader:

I have things such as bread bags that have paper stickers on them and I'm wondering if I can recycle them.  Is it something I can recycle at a store or a recycler, or should I bring it to a Master Recycler Plastics Roundup...or should I cut off the stickers and throw them away?  The same question regarding plastic stickers.  Thanks!

I asked Guru Lauren of the Master Recycler program, and she replied, "If it is covering the vast majority of the plastic bag it isn't really worth it to save it (the material under the paper is lost). A sticker is a contaminant but it is a tolerable contaminant." So a small sticker on a bread bag is acceptable, but a large stuck-on label that wraps around the bread bag is not worth saving. Hope this helps!


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