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Recycling alkaline batteries

We've had a lot of emails lately about recycling alkaline batteries. There are a couple of differing views: some will say that in today's modern landfill the low toxicity in alkaline batteries is not something to worry about -- that the energy spent to recycle the batteries is not worth it -- so just toss them in the trash; others will say to treat them as hazardous waste or recycle them. I lean toward the latter school of thought. So what are the options for recycling? Luckily we have a lot. Check out this photo that Julie sent us from a trip to Whole Foods: Wholefoodsbatteriesit's a drop-off bin for alkaline batteries provided by BendGreen.org. But, before you lug your batteries to the closest Whole Foods, I'd give them a call first. (Portlanders, this one is on NE 15th & Fremont.)

Other options:

-- Bring them to your nearest hazardous waste drop-off center.

-- Visit Earth911.org and type in batteries and your zip code in the box at the very top. You'll get a list of locations that accept batteries -- Radio Shack, Best Buy and Staples showed up in my area. There doesn't appear to be a fee for dropping off batteries.

Of course, using rechargeable batteries is preferable -- they may be more expensive, but they will last you so much longer than alkaline (plus you aren't generating waste). But it's good to know that there are options for alkaline.


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