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BYOB: envirosax and chico bags

You may be surprised to find out that we don't get a ton of enviro-bling doing this EnviroMom gig. I guess it serves us right, going on and on about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle all the time... But hey, as much as we try to decrease our families' carbon footprints, we like a new bag as much as the next gal. Especially the two new bags we recently got:

First off, the ChicoBag. Gotta love that built-in stuff sack and keychain clip. It's made of strong, lightweight, washable nylon. Takes less than a minute to restuff. So essentially, this is your "no excuses" bring your own shopping bag. It fits easily in a purse, on a keychain, etc. so you will always have your reuseable bag with you, no matter where you go. I've found I really like the ChicoBag for non-grocery store type trips (books stores, shoe store, toy store, etc.), although you can certainly use them for the grocery store. I've just got a pile of canvas and polypropylene bags that I usually use for grocery shopping. It ain't broke, so I don't want to tamper with my process! ChicoBags come in a variety of bright colors, they do fundraising sales (I'd sure rather sell ChicoBags than Sally Foster!!). They will print a company logo on them for corporate promotions. They are designed to last years and years and replace all those nasty, polluting plastics bags. There's no packaging involved in buying this product (it comes in its own package). And the kicker: you can recycle them when they "expire" and they will be "repurposed into door mats, dog beds and prayer flags." Oh, and New Seasons sells them locally.

The EnviroSax just came in the mail (thank you to Karen of GreenGirlsGuide -- a recent transplant to the Portland area). There's a part of me that wants to act all evolved, and superior, and anti-fashion -- but then another part goes: there's nothing wrong with pretty! pretty is fun! pretty makes me happy! In any case, you can feel both virtuously green and stylish while shopping with these cute reuseable bags. Envirosax are made of strong, waterproof polyester, they roll up like compact little "sleeping bags" with a built-in snap closure, and carry the equivalent of two plastic grocery bags. They come in hip mom prints, and whimsical kid prints, and can be bought in packs or singles. This one also folds up quickly (less than a minute).

OpenbagsCompactbags Now you see them, now you don't. Gosh, I could talk about bags forever. And it's not just me. Every time our GreenGroup gets together, we always talk abut bags. I guess it is just such an important part of our daily lives. Shop, reuse bags, repeat. Shop, reuse bags, repeat. It's no wonder we are passionate about our bags. Do you love your ChicoBag or Envirosax?


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