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Crocs: the shoes every kid is wearing can be recycled

Oh I tried so hard not to buy Crocs for my kids. I had several reasons:

  1. I am not a trend-setter or follower, and Crocs just seem so trendy.
  2. I never had Candies sandals when I was a kid, and OH MY GOD I WANTED THEM SO BAD. I don't even remember what they look like now, but I could have died for wanting them. But no luck. My parents doggedly dressed me in clothing from Sears -- perhaps you remember the ultra non-hip ToughSkins brand? That was me. Then it was Tretorns. And somewhere in there those Dr. Scholl's wooden exercise sandals. By the time I saved up enough babysitting money to buy them, they were hopelessly out of style.
  3. Concerns about being constantly hit up for the Croc bling. Tell me, why do shoes need jewelry?

Do you see how hard it is to be an EnviroMom, people? Buying something new is practically an agony for me every time. In any case, I came full circle. As much as I wished to have the cool shoes as a kid, I never did. Did I really want to do that to my kids too? Nah. So I bought them both a pair of Crocs. I was able to justify the purchase in several ways:

  • They're kind of like shoes and kind of like clogs and kind of like sandals and kind of like swimshoes. So that's like 4 pairs of shoes in 1!
  • The size is a range, so hopefully they'll actually wear these for quite some time.
  • I toyed with the knock-offs, but ultimately got Croc brand. The first pair I picked up were made in the US instead of China. Somehow that made me feel better. The second pair were made in China. So ultimately this point became moot, since all the knock-offs are made in China.
  • And they just look so dang cute on their feet: like little colorful ventilated Dutch clogs! But not made out of wood. Made out of some mysterious is-it-rubber-is-it-plastic Croc stuff.

Lo and behold, after all this agonizing "to buy or not to buy, that is the question..." I found out that Crocs can be recycled once the soles wear out. So I'm still not sure if I made the right decision. I'm not sure my kids are LOVING their Crocs in the way I would have LOVED my Candies or Tretorns had I been given the opportunity to grace my feet with them... But I do really like that they can be recycled. 


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