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Experiment: using tea tree & lavender oil instead of antiperspirant

I've played out this scenario in my head many times:

Heather: Sniff, sniff. Do you smell something?

Renee: No. Why are you standing so close to me?

Heather: Because I like you. You sure you don't smell something kind of musty or medicinal? Do you detect any offensive odors in your proximity?

Renee: Well if you'd back off a little I could have some room to, uh, breathe maybe? What are you...get your armpit out of my face, you weirdo!

I am just looking for some honest feedback because I'm deeply involved in an important experiment: can I wean myself off my Secret antiperspirant/deodorant, which contains dubious ingredients such as aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex and several other unpronouncably evil-sounding cancerous substances in favor of a more natural alternative? I stood in front of the deodorant section at New Seasons the other day, fretting over the many choices. I know that Mom Go Green tried out a bunch of natural deodorants, but I couldn't remember what she recommended. (See, this is why I need an iPhone -- the Internet at my fingertips 24/7.) Renee also talked about natural deodorants a few months ago, but again, momnesia wiped it from my memory. The New Seasons sales clerk recommended Weleda spray-on deodorant at first, but then suggested I just try tea tree oil and lavender essential oil, both of which contain deodorizing properties. I already had the tea tree oil, so I bought a small bottle of lavender oil.

The next morning I dabbed on the tea tree oil and was immediately hit with the smell, which I wouldn't call pleasant. Then I dabbed on the lavender oil, which surprisingly didn't smell very good either. For about an hour I could still smell the oils, but then it subsided. I must say, after four days of this experiment it seems to be working. I've worked up a pretty good sweat this week between yard work, window washing, long walks and strawberry picking, and so far the oils seem to be keeping the odor under wraps (I think). As I sit here, I can't smell me. Then again, most people can't smell themselves. This is why I need some honest feedback! Where is my husband...?

I understand that deodorants simply mask body odor, they don't inhibit sweating like an antiperspirant. I really don't enjoy sweating, however. Oh, aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex, why don't you have a natural counterpart!? Sigh. Have you found a natural deodorant that works?


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