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How to pack a waste-free lunch box

Lisa S. emailed the following question:

I know you probably have already discussed this and its not the time of year to be thinking about it... but wondering if you could help me with packing a waste-free lunch box. I am sending my kids (3 and 5) to a summer camp with a your typical size fabric lunch pack, but having trouble finding reusable containers to fit in side. I would like to fit a sandwich, crackers, cut-up fruit and a drink. and would like to have everything separated. I have quickly looked a couple places, but found the containers too big or too small or wouldn't fit all the containers at once. I would like to keep their lunch packs, but if I need to re-evaluate their size I could. any suggestions would be great. thanks!

Lunch_items So, while packing my kids' camp lunches today, I took some pictures, trying to approximate the things Lisa would like to pack. My kids each have a small Sigg water bottle and a lunch bag. A sandwich is the norm, but I also will pack pasta from time to time. Usually that goes into a 9.5 oz container (rectangle with blue top). I do use zip bags for small things like crackers or cookies, and the kids bring them home, and we wash and reuse until they are worn out. We have some tiny tupperware containers that are great for nuts or hummus/salad dressing (approximately 2 oz.). I grabbed an old sour cream container as a packing option, say for some sliced fruit. The other white top plastic container is a little bigger, but also would work for fruit, or yogurt and berries (which is what my older daughter wanted today). Then a cloth napkin, and silverware (as needed) to top it off.

Packed_lunch It fits, but with not a lot of wiggle room. Here's how it looks all squished into the bag:

I hope this helps Lisa, and anyone else trying to figure out how to pack a waste-free lunch box. If anyone wants to send us pictures with different approaches to the waste-free lunch, please do, and we'll be happy to post them.



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