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Bokashi composting: the condo solution?

Bokashi_2 We've had plenty of comments and questions regarding food scrap composting from folks who live in apartments and condos: with no outdoor space for a composter, what are their options? I recently read about the Bokashi method of composting over on Re-Nest -- one of their bloggers, Abby, is trying it out (see below for links). Sounds intriguing. Instead of decomposing the food, the Bokashi actually ferments it, which keeps the stink factor at a minimum. Here's the lowdown:

  1. You get a container with a lid, and they suggest you get one with a spigot at the bottom to drain off liquid.
  2. Cut up your scraps (including meat, fish and dairy), put them in the composter and pour in a little Bokashi, which is made from fermented wheat bran. The Bokashi is what causes the scraps to ferment.
  3. After the container is full, you add more Bokashi and let it ferment for about 10 days. Because it works so quickly, after 10 days you can bury the fermented matter in the ground. Ah, now there's the rub. You'd need to have somewhere to bury it. Some condo or apartment dwellers might be able to convince a landlord or board to allow them to bury it on the property. It doesn't attract rodents and there's no smell.

Pros: Quick and easy indoor composting of all food scraps without odor or bugs.

Cons: You need an outdoor space to bury the compost. There's the expense of purchasing the Bokashi mixture, which is about $13 for a one-gallon bag that (I think I read) will last around two months. The actual bin that is recommended can run around $60; plus they suggest you purchase two of them -- one for adding scraps, one for letting scraps ferment. If you read Abby's three posts on Re-Nest about her experience, you'll understand the process better:

Has anyone tried it? Curious about it? If you're really intrigued, just Google 'bokashi' and you'll find out all sorts of information and stories about other people's experience with it. And if you do try it, please report back!


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