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Chicken lays first egg. There was much rejoicing!

I was starting to think they were deadbeat chickens. Defective layers. Ungrateful compost eaters! But finally. One chicken stepped up and nestled herself in the egg box, and produced the incredible, edible egg. Isn't it a beauty??


Sometimes a discrete, well-worded letter is all it takes... No, actually it took something else. I've been heavy into Chicken Mom duties as our neighbors have been away for two weeks. During this absence, there was a near food crisis. They had grit, they had oyster shell, but the grain feed runneth low. So there I am google searching "what do chickens eat." Since we've seen them eat their own feathers, slugs, worms, carrot tops and pretty much anything else we'd throw into our compost bin -- I wasn't too worried. But the mom in me wanted them to have a well balanced diet. By lucky happenstance, I came across a container of free oats. But in my searching I found a helpful site about what chickens eat, as well as a tidbit explaining that if you don't gather the eggs quickly enough, they stop laying. It occured to me that the plastic Easter eggs we'd put in the egg boxes to teach them where to lay may have backfired and taught them NOT to lay. So I took the fake eggs out Saturday morning, and voila! First egg was layed that afternoon. As you can imagine, we are all quite proud of our little egg!


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