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Halloween treats: is going green just askin' to be egged?

So I'm driving in the car the other day listening to the radio, and an ad for Trader Joe's comes on. They're talking about something healthy and great to give out to trick or treaters. I turned up the volume because I'm looking for good suggestions in that department. And what do they suggest? Organic chicken stock. Arrrgh. Not funny. Not even close.

Candy Last year I was all over the idea of green Halloween. But I ended up buying and giving out the same-ol' same-ol': candy. I was surprised at how many people commented that if you didn't give out candy you were just beggin' to have your house egged. This year I think I'm giving out fruit leather. Maybe I'll even sweeten the pot with some fair trade dark chocolate. I don't know. It's hard.

Leah is asking the same thing:

What are the enviromoms handing out for Halloween? I posed the same question to my friends on Facebook and urbanmamas....some say it's a buzzkill to not hand out candy on Halloween, others are handing out juiceboxes... I'm on the fence: pre-packaged, chemically sweetened, HFCS candy on one side and cheap, plastic crap from China on the other. What's a mama to do without being totally lame?

So what are you handing out? Maybe we should all just turn out the lights and be quiet as mice.


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