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More yogurt cup re-uses (and --gag-- Modge Podge)

DSCN1429 I don't remember buying Modge Podge, but I found a full bottle over the weekend in my craft disaster zone. And like the pig who asked for more pancakes after getting sticky from wallpaper paste, the Modge Podge got me thinking about potential uses. I've been wanting to make my daughter three piggy banks out of 32-ounce yogurt containers now that we're giving her a proper allowance. One for share, one for save and one for spend. So I had the idea to decoupage (a word I've never uttered) the yogurt cups using illustrations from a catalog. Easy! And I love the way they turned out.

But what the heck is in Modge Podge? Because the smell was toxic to my brain, and I walked around in a glue-induced daze all afternoon (and not in the good way). Blergh. I mean, I really had a good time with the Podge, but I cannot inhale that stuff anymore. And I wonder whether it will be off-gassing in my daughter's room. I've since discovered you can make your own Podge using three parts white (Elmer's) glue to one part water. It must be better.

DSCN1437 We're also using an undecoupaged yogurt cup to store markers, and I've started setting a few aside for future uses (I remember Renee and JulieG saying they freeze food in them). They are pretty handy. We just eat way too much yogurt to reuse ALL of the containers. I've started experimenting with making my own yogurt and eliminating the container all together, but I'm still in mad scientist mode so I'll report back on that once I've completed my research.


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