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Random bits o' green

It's one of those days. A kid home sick. A missing toy meltdown. A giant Halloween candy-induced blemish (me). My brain can handle only sound bites today:

BPA Petition:Tell Congress that you don't want bisphenol-A in baby bottles or any other products that serve as a gateway to our bodies. Sign the petition!

Tagless tag burns: Ugh. Have you heard about this? You know those tag imprints on children's clothing? I had one of those kids who was super-sensitive to clothing tags, so I was stoked when they started becoming more common. But some kids are developing rashes and burns from them! Turns out that they contain tasty ingredients like PVC, polyurethane and formaldehyde. I. Don't. Get. It. Why is it OK to have any of these ingredients near children in any form?

DSCN1388 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins: I baked muffins! This is a breakthrough for me, a very non-baking type person. I was super inspired by all the alternative breakfast suggestions from a few weeks ago and motivated to finally try Angry Chicken's muffins and her technique of freezing them and then setting out enough for breakfast the night before to thaw. Magical and delicious. Pretty healthy, not super sweet and my kids LOVED them. They ate them for breakfast with a side of yogurt and some fruit.

Garbage, The Movie: There's a new documentary out called Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home, and it pretty much sums it up right there. I haven't seen it yet (looks like you have to buy it or be lucky enough to live near a screening of it) but I'm betting it hits on a lot of stuff we've talked about in our One Can A Month Challenge. Anyone seen it yet?


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