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Recycle leftover cooking oil into biodiesel in Portland

Yes, people. There is yet another reason you may weep if you don't live in Portland, Oregon. We home cooks can now recycle leftover vegetable oil. I don't know about you. I don't make a lot of French fried potatoes in my house. But I do occasionally get a hankering for some eggplant tempura. It's all fine and dandy until you are left with the pan of canola oil on your stove. But fear not! Far West Fibers, Portland Recycling Centers and the Metro Transfer Stations will now take said used cooking oil off our hands. It's then transported to SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel in Salem where it is turned into biodiesel. They will take canola, olive and soy oils, and recommend bringing it to the collection sites in the container in which was sold. Hmmm. Maybe we should whip up some tempura tonight...


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