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Simplifying composting with an interim step

Compost-halfway-house This may look like a trash can. Or even a diaper pail. It is neither. It is the compost 'halfway house' (a big thank you to my friend Amy for sharing this great term with me). We've always used this interim step in our compost system, which is fairly simple:

  1. Place kitchen scraps in 1-gallon compost pail in kitchen.
  2. When the kitchen pail gets full, transfer contents to the compost halfway house on the back patio. Amy puts hers in her garage. Find the spot that works best for you.
  3. When the halfway house is full, dig a hole. Or put the scraps for composting in your earth machine. Again, what works for you.

For the most part, this system works great. The only time we really are compost-challenged is during long periods of inclement weather, such as we experienced in December. I can't say I actually tested how hard frozen the ground was after we got 15" of snow. I just trusted that it was, and was grateful to have ye olde compost halfway house a mere step outside my back door (although given the drifting snow, it was challenging the get the door open on some days). Once the snow thawed, I sure had a heap of compost to get into the ground, but my, the worms were ever so happy! Now, you may have a great composting system. You may not need a halfway house. But it's a great term, and a step we may have glossed over in the past. I bring it up as a suggestion for those who may be struggling to compost during the winter.


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