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Voluntary power rationing: "lights out" idea

We recently had a few power outages, and thankfully they didn't last long, nor was our weather too severe. But what quickly occurred to me was that I'd much rather have heat than light. Ha! As if we could pick.

So I was inspired by this idea from EnviroMom reader Cris:

After power outages that our family experienced, reducing a 3 hour evening block to activities with no electricity, I had an idea. While my husband pulled out his guitar and serenaded us by lamp light, my daughter and I played cards, laughed and talked. When the electricity suddenly came back on, my daughter said, "Can we turn the lights out for a little longer?" What if families committed to one night a month for Lights Out, turning off all lights, computers, TVs etc (keeping furnaces and refrigerator and freezers running), shared activities by candle light or lamp light, and then shared these times through a Lights Out Blog? Thank you for all your hard work to keep us green.

What a lovely idea, and wonderful too that it is inspired by a green kid! Excuse me now while I go try to learn to play the guitar...


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