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Bloggy love

I subscribe to ten blogs in Google Reader, which is about all I can manage on any given day. (This makes me particularly grateful to our readers -- thanks for coming here!) I usually end up rotating out some of these blogs for new discoveries every so often. I was really hot on design blogs for awhile, until they all started blending together and sounding the same, so I just did some Reader housekeeping and swapped out a few for three new finds:

Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op. I'm not sure how I came across this site, but I love it so much. It's written by 16 bloggers and covers the wide spectrum of simple, sustainable living. And because there are so many contributors you get a variety of voices and perspectives. I think at least one of the bloggers lives in Australia (she refers to herself as 'mum'). Recent posts on menu planningmaking butter, and homemade kid gifts were so inspirational. Really good stuff here. And from this site I've been enjoying a couple of these writers' personal blogs (I'm almost too scared to explore others because I'm trying to keep my addictions to a minimum!)

Throwback at Trapper Creek is one. This blogger, who prefers to remain anonymous, lives on a farm in the Columbia Gorge not far outside of Portland. She is living my farming life. Seriously, it's like reading about how I'd want to be living my life if I didn't love the amenities and company of the urban life. I love reading about her thriving winter garden (and they battle some serious cold and wind out there), food preservation and life with a handful of cattle and some chickens. She recently pondered whether she should continue blogging, whether anyone was getting anything out of it -- they are! Continue, please!

The other one is Beauty the Moves, written by another Heather who I think might live in the eastern U.S. She loves all things handmade and vintage and writes about crafts and cooking, raising her teen daughter (love the Abe Lincoln party they hosted) and finding balance. Beautiful photos. I keep thinking that if I read more of these crafty/cooking blogs that I'll actually get inspired to do more myself. But who has the time when we're so busy reading blogs? 


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