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Happy Birthday, EnviroMom (& favorite links)


We are two! It's hard to believe that just two years ago we broke EnviroMom off from our now-defunct parenting blog and launched it as a stand-alone. Renee and I have been looking through our archives, and it's pretty crazy how far we've come since we started down this mossy-green path. We were just starting the Master Recycler course, Renee was still terrified of chickens and I couldn't wrap my head around composting. I wonder what the next two years will bring? Maybe we'll both have given up our cars and dying our hair. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, stop!

This past year has been pretty exciting. With 'green' having such a presence in the media, EnviroMom ended up getting its own share of attention. We launched the One Can A Month Challenge in July, which got a lot of people talking and (we hope) inspired to reduce their household waste. Portland Monthly, our local glossy, labeled us Ecofreaks and managed to publish a truly terrible photo of me. But the highlight had to be the Nightline segment, which was a joy to film and, ultimately, nerve-wracking to watch.

So here are a few old posts that we both enjoyed re-reading again, and so may you:

Victory: downsizing our garbage can

Teaching your kids to turn off the lights (a lesson which has stuck!)

Best way to reduce waste? Buy less stuff.

See ya later Soft Soap

Easy Peasy (putting recycling cans in the bathroom revelation)

Curious about clotheslines? Some power user tips.

How to pack a waste-free lunchbox

A simple, green, low-cost birthday party

Nose test comparison on cloth handkerchiefs and paper tissues, TP, etc.

Thanks so much for swinging by EnviroMom and helping us build this supportive community. Renee and I have so much fun sharing our thoughts and experiences and love learning more about yours.


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