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EnviroKids ponder: Tin Lizzie and the problem with too many cars

Tin-lizzie Typically we don't drive our family's one car very much, and fill the gas tank only once a month. The rest of the time we take the school bus, walk or bike. We carpool frequently when we do drive. I love not being 'behind the wheel' all the time.

What with our 'driving' vacation to Seattle, being my dad's Florence Nightingale for his recent surgery and recovery (it was fairly routine, and he's doing well, thank you), and now this weekend's camping trip, I feel like I live in my freaking car. I've gone through two months' worth of gas in 3 weeks' time. Me and my car are connected at the hip. And I'm tired of it. After camping, we may have to file for legal separation. And my husband will have to do all the driving this weekend while I look at nature from the passenger seat, providing exceptional map and navigational support. Ah, yes. Things are sounding better already.

So as enviro and alt-commute friendly as we try to be, don't you think life would be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy as far as getting the kids to walk???? Ha! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! Oooooh, boy. That's a good one. More like: "Mom. Do we HAVE to walk to the park?? Why can't we DRIVE? It's tooooooo hot today." Excuse me while I count to ten.

In hope of support for my 'let's not drive' campaign, I picked up the children's book Tin Lizzie by Allan Drummond, recently recommended by EnviroMom reader RoseG. I have to say, I really like this book. From the invention of Ford's first car for the masses, to today, the book talks to kids about the problems of too many cars. But unlike other kid books that simplify the answers and conclude with happy little rhyming couplets about how Doug the Slug and Kerm the Worm ate all the yucky food waste in the compost pile and then global warming was fixed and we all lived happily ever after (has anyone else read books like this?), this book ends with questions for kids to think about. Previewing it made me wonder if my kids will really groove on it and form their own little book club. Or if they'll get all "Well, what's the answer? Why didn't this author write the end!"

What do you think? Will the kids of the EnviroMoms like it? How about the kids of the fantastic families we are going to camp with this weekend? Ha, ha, ha! It's going to be a cliff-hanger today. I'm taking the book camping with us and plan to spring it on all the kids. So we will see....

Have a great weekend everyone!


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