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Recommendations on non-disposable pull-ups for older kids

I was lucky. My kids are extremely light sleepers, so they potty trained at night when they were 3, the same time they potty trained during the day. Oh, happy day! No more pee-soaked disposable diapers or pull-ups filling my trash can! I remember putting out that first diaper free garbage can. I was able to hoist it over my head with one hand! OK, I know, I know! I'm an eco-freak! I'm becoming more comfortable with that label by the day. I embrace it now. Fond recollection of putting out the trash in days of yore... But there is a special reason I remember this time -- it was when our trash output became small enough to contemplate going to One Can A Month. And we did!!

But enough about me. Today's post is about a reader, who is looking for recommendations on non-disposable alternatives to nighttime pull-ups for an older child:

My 6 year old still wets the bed at night.  We aren't stressing about it but I am stressing about using disposable pull ups.  I have looked into washable ones but am having a hard time finding many online and deciphering what ones might be a good substitute.  Do either of you have any experience with these and could give me some advice or point me in the right direction?

Surely, there are readers out there who've been down this same road. Do you have any recommendations to share?


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