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Need help remembering your bags? Use the 'Got Bag?' window cling!


Do you know what the number one corporate giveaway is these days? If you have any contact with trade shows or marketing, this'll be no surprise: it's the reuseable shopping bag! Of course, we all know that having the bag is only half the equation. Remembering to use the bag is often the stumbling block.

For me, the trick was to unload the groceries and put the bags back in the car immediately. Not later. Not after I get my kids a snack. Not tomorrow. Immediately! And then you have to give yourself some time to make it a habit. This was one of the first 'baby steps' we took. I've heard using cloth shopping bags called the 'gateway drug' of environmentalism, and that's so apt. Because, really. It's not just the bags. It's what you're putting in the bags. And how you're washing and drying the bags (yes, really -- some people wash them!), and whether you're walking to the store or biking to the store or busing to the store. As you all know, we at EnviroMom took our first hit with the bags (did we inhale? I'll never tell!) and are now officially eco-obsessed green addicts. We post about poop, for crying out loud!!

Back to the bags. The City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability has made these nifty little window clings that say: 'Got Bag?' to help more Portlanders remember to bring their reuseable bags. On the back it has some tips:
  • Return bags to your bike or car (yes!! see??!)
  • Store bags near your house keys
  • Put a reminder on your grocery list
  • Place this window cling in your car

The other thing that really helped me remember my bags was putting them in the front seat of the car for the first month. After I was using the cloth bags at the grocery store the majority of the time, then I moved onto putting a small Chico Bag in my purse for non grocery store purchases. I find the only times I ever wind up with a disposable bag now are when the cashier is way too efficient or chatty or I'm doing some complex coupon-club-card deal, or my kids get offered stickers and they bag it before I have a chance to whip out my own bag. And then I feel like a total loser. But that happens only very rarely.

I'm not sure I'll actually use the window cling since remembering the bags is pretty much a done deal for me. But I'll pass it on to a friend who says they are having a tough time remembering. EnviroMoms and Master Recyclers alike give this little window cling two green thumbs up! I've also heard there's a sticker version too for those who don't have a window to cling it to.


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