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No more Sigg bottles for this family

By now I'm sure that most of you have heard that the resin lining in Sigg bottles does indeed contain BPA. This news was all over the blogosphere last week, and it's become a PR nightmare for Sigg. (The CEO released a new apology letter today.) In a nutshell: Sigg bottles manufactured before August 2008 have a copper-colored liner, which the company is now admitting contains trace amounts of BPA. They also insist that they've done extensive testing and have found that the hormone-disrupting chemical does not leach out of the lining into the liquid. When they discovered that their linings contained BPA back in 2006, they started developing a new liner, which is BPA-free. Check out this photo to determine what kind of bottle you have:Sigglinercomparison

My children and I, of course, have the old bottles. I've sung the praises of these bottles many times here. I spent around $50 on our three bottles two years ago because I trusted that they were safe. I trusted the 100-year old Swiss company, which always refused to discuss the make-up of its top-secret resin lining, with my family's health. I feel absolutely betrayed by Sigg. 

Sigg rode the wave of the anti-plastic-water-bottle crusade, knowing all along that their bottles contained BPA. While I was deliberating over which bottle designs to buy for my children, they were busy trying to develop a healthy liner. So maybe the old liner really doesn't leach. So what? Maybe it really does. This is greenwashing, and I no longer will support this company. It is so hard trying to figure out what products really are healthy and sustainable. There's so much we just don't know about all of this stuff in our lives, so we have to trust the manufacturers to have integrity and hope we are making the right choices based on the information available to us.

My husband and I read the first article about this debacle together, and we agreed to stop using the Sigg bottles immediately. (Little did he know we'd be all sharing his stainless Kleen Kanteen in the meantime.) We're going 100% stainless now. And Renee and I have pulled the Siggs out of our Amazon store. I'm learning that you need to be wary of stainless as well -- some of these bottles are not manufactured with food-grade steel. You need to look for that qualification when you buy stainless.

Sigg is offering customers the option of trading in their old bottles for new ones. You can visit their site to download a shipping label and return form. However, you do have to pay the postage to ship the bottles to Sigg. You can also contact the place you purchased them and see if they are taking back or replacing the Siggs. I've heard that New Seasons will also exchange your old Siggs for new ones, even if you didn't purchase them there. (And you might want to take a look at this article on the new liners over at ZRec...maybe they aren't any better.) I haven't decided what to do with our old Siggs yet. Maybe I'll drop them off at New Seasons. I do wonder what will happen to all of these old Siggs. Can they be recycled? I will try to find an answer to that.

Sigh. Such a bummer. So, how are you feeling about this whole matter? What are you going to do?


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