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Portland: EnviroMom salutes Legacy Health's car seat recycling program!

It's been a while since I've posted about Legacy Health's local efforts to properly fit car seats and bike helmets, and also recycle those same car seats and bike helmets when they expire. In our blasted down-turned economy, it's beyond fantastic that Legacy Health continues to offer this recycling service for free to Portland Metro families.

I've written about this local car seat recycling program that ensures car seats are not being used past their prime, as it's a little known fact that they do expire. What's often frustrating for those of us who like to reduce and reuse as much as possible is that there are precious few places in the United States that will recycle old car seats. Yet, thanks to Legacy Health we are blessed in Portland Metro to continue to have that option.

What's new is that they now ask families to strip from the car seats all fabric, webbing and soft foam (these parts are not recyclable) prior to bringing in the car seats for recycling. I hope this will not deter families from recycling the seats. I'm often encouraged by the frequent comments and emails we receive about how others in the country would love to recycle their car seats if they had a local option. Sadly, not many places do and the consensus of comments is that it seems so lame to have to landfill the many seats most car-driving families go through while their kids are too small to safely ride without them.

Legacy Health is offering two events in the near future for car seat and bike helmet recycling:

  • Saturday, September 19, 2009: 10am to 2pm as part of the Healthy Kids Fair at Legacy Mount Hood. The car seat recycling will be across the street from the main fair at Saturn East (3265 SW Sundial Ave., Troutdale 97060).
  • Saturday, October 3, 2009: Car seat safety checks and recycling from 10am to 2pm at Legacy Meridian Park.

Thank you Legacy!!


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