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Buy-nothing-new Halloween Costumes: 2009

Halloween is almost here! Are you busy at work, like Cinderella's mice, putting the final touches on your buy-nothing-new Halloween costumes? I'm pleased to say ours are finished. Well, almost. I did envision a bell around the neck of my sheep, and I swear, there is a tiny metal bell somewhere in our house and unless I can find it in the next few days (which isn't looking good), we're going to have to forget about the bell.

Sheep-japangirl Here they are: one Japan girl and one sheep... 

The Japan girl might have originally been called a Geisha Girl, but that had some connotations I didn't want associated with my 7-year-old, so we focused on this storybook we have called Bon Odori Dancer. Her costume is simply an adult robe (that we had), and she'll wear some Asian pj pants under that are also a silky fabric (probably poly). I made an obi sash with a layer of felt, covered by a floral remnant that looks rather pretty in this context, but seemed fairly ugly for anything else. We used a smidge of the floral to cover a plastic headband, and I harvested some silk-lei flowers to embellish the headband. Oh, and there's a shoe-lace tacked to the top of the obi.

For the sheep, we used a vest that was trimmed in fluffy white fleece to give that wool shearling look and turned it inside out. I sewed a bit of black fleece onto some old rabbit ears, then added a few cotton balls on top. There are cotton balls tacked to the back of her vest also for a tail. We borrowed white Oompa-Loompa pants from the costume Heather's son wore last year, then thanks to the great idea from EnviroMom reader Becky, found four black socks to put on her feet and hands to look like hoofs. This kid loves her costume and has begged me to leave the tail on the fleece and says she plans to keep wearing it inside-out after Halloween so she can be a sheep all the time. It will be also hard to keep the ears off her head because she really likes being a sheep.

If you've got photos of buy-nothing-new costumes you'd like to share, please email us enviromompdx [at] gmail [dot] com and we'd be glad to post them! 

Sheep-costume Obi-detail


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