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How to get rid of fruit flies

Pardon me as I go into Cliff Clavin mode...but it's a little known fact that fruit flies, those pesky bugs that seem to spontaneously generate whenever fresh produce enters the house, have roughly a seven-day life cycle. This means that when a piece of produce comes into your home, it could contain fruit fly eggs, which rapidly metamorphosize into an actual fly, which then immediately lays more eggs before its swift, untimely death a few days later. They are fast and furious breeders and have no time to nurture long lasting relationships with their children (sniff)! Fruit flies can enter your home on produce, or through a screen (yes, even very fine mesh) or cracks in your home. They have a wicked sense of smell and can detect the alcohol in fruit from far off. Therefore, to prevent an infestation it's a good idea to try to knock 'em out when you first see one.

I'd only ever tried the futile hand-clap method to get rid of fruit flies until I read about another one in the Oregonian's FOODday section (the print version, ahem). And yes! It actually works.:

Put a little cider vinegar in a small bowl or jar, along with a piece of fruit. (I used an apple core.) Cover it tightly with a piece of plastic and poke a few small holes in the plastic with a toothpick. The flies will be attracted to the smell and will find their way in, but won't be able to get out. Some will drown. When you've caught a few dump them outside (in your compost bin!) and do it again until you are fruit-fly free.

Now I wonder if I can get Norm to buy me a beer. Cheers!


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