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Time for more buy-nothing-new Halloween costumes

Gentlemen, start your engines. Er. I mean. EnviroMoms fire up your sewing machines, glue guns, staple guns, or whatever it takes to put together a Halloween costume.

Last year, I was all amped up about Halloween. I proposed a buy-nothing-new movement for Halloween costumes. Are we EnviroMoms scary activists or what? Pretty soon, I'll be asking you to start a local ELF chapter. Kidding! Really! Just kidding! This year, I'm kind of kicking myself. Like, when am I going to get off my duff and plan a Halloween costume swap? Swaps are pretty easy. Just takes a little coordination. Get a group of moms together. Pull out all your old costumes. Meet up at the gym in your school or a church basement, and swap, right? But frankly, I don't think I'm going to pull it off yet again this year because I've let way too much time go by and my kids have already decided what they want to be. I have one wanna-be Japan girl and one sheep.

As much as I'm trying to keep the costumes simple and low key, I find myself getting sucked in by my latent costume designing creativity and going a little nutty already. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to make it a 'buy-nothing-new' set of costumes again. That part seems to be second nature to me now. We'll be using a real silkish robe for my older daughter's Japan girl costume. The only thing we're going to have to make is an obi/sash, and lo and behold -- can you believe this? I happen to have a really ugly synthetic floral fabric scrap that a neighbor once gave me and I was all: 'Um, thanks, I think!' with a thought bubble that went: 'Holy crap, that's ugly. What in the world would I ever do with that?!" Just goes to show. There's a second life for just about everything.

As for the sheep, I'm thinking a hoody with some felt ears and cotton balls on top. Maybe a ribbon or bell around her baa-ing, bleating sheep neck. How hard can that be? I've got a whole bag of cotton balls left over from when I was supposed to swab my kids umbilical cord stumps with rubbing alcohol! Once again, I knew I was saving that bag of cotton for something!

Do you plan to make reuse a key component in your kids' Halloween costumes this year? Are your creative thinking caps firmly on? Last year you all wowed us with your fantastically creative reused costume creations, and we'd love to see your pix again this year. I'll post pictures of our costumes once they are at the modeling stage (we're still in the visualizing, cutting phase at my house). If you'd like to share your costume ideas, please send EnviroMom a picture and we'll post 'em as Halloween gets nearer.


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