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Calling for a worldwide boycott of crap jewelry

Tiny-tink-recalled-charm Why do people keep buying crap jewelry for their kids? I don't understand it. Is there a parent or aunt or grandma in the developed world who hasn't seen a recall notice, or two or a thousand? Here's one of the latest recalls on a Tiny Tink charm with excessive levels of lead. Enough is enough on recalls due to lead or cadmium or whatever poison they can paint a product with to make it shiny and pretty but still only retail for $2.99?

I'm sorry. I'm ranting. But this drives me crazy! I appreciate the CPSC recalls that come out. I appreciate the efforts of manufacturers to try to test the products they sell. But the way I see it, the whole system is flawed, and the only way we as consumers can impact this is by refusing to buy this crap. I know I'm preaching to the choir. We're probably not the main purchasers of this crap jewelry.

Regardless, I ask you: Will you join me in making a vow?
I promise to never buy crap jewelry for any kid ever again.
See! That's wasn't hard, was it? Well, here's the hard part: Have the important conversations with family and friends who do buy this crap jewelry. Do your utmost to get them to stop buying it. OK. I'm finished (stepping off my soapbox now).


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