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EnviroBits: homemade applesauce, deodorant, medicine disposal


Homemade applesauce, baby! Renee and I have been lamenting the fact that we didn't embrace a greener, more natural lifestyle when our kids were babies. Nothing we can do about it now (except encourage new parents that it's really not hard!). For instance, I made applesauce recently FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER and it was so stinkin' easy. Peel a ton of apples. Slice into quarters. Put into big pot, sprinkle with cinnamon and pour about a cup of water over them. Simmer on medium heat for, what? Two hours? Mash. Done. You don't need to add sugar! It's so good. Why didn't I do this when the kids were babes? Why didn't I puree my own carrots and peas? Sigh. I'm probably forgetting how tired I was. How I was working full-time. But still. If I only knew then what I know now...

Homemade deodorant, baby! It's been about six weeks since I started wearing homemade deodorant(coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch) and I am TOTALLY hooked. No stink. Seriously, I don't see myself ever going back to Secret. It's weird, but every morning I get this perverse pleasure from applying the homemade stuff. A definite stickin-it-to-the-man sensation. I have high hopes that when summer rolls around and I have to store it in the fridge (to keep it from liquefying) that the love will continue. And flourish!

Medicine disposal, ba...er, no. But if you live in the Portland area and have partially-used, expired medicines that you've been saving up because you just didn't know what to do with them, here's your chance to purge. On March 13 from 10am-1pm you can turn them into Beaverton City Hall (4755 SW Griffith Dr.) for disposal. Otherwise, the recommended way to dispose of medications is 1) don't put them down the drain!  2) Pulverize any pills, put them into a zip-lock bag mixed with coffee grounds or kitty litter, and throw it in the garbage. 3) Add grounds or litter to liquid medications, put the bottle in a zip-lock bag and throw away. Wish Oregon would start a pharmacy take-back program!


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