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Car safety seat recycling in Portland, Oregon Metro area

Plaid-car-seat It seems like I have written umpteen posts about car seat recycling, and finally, I am at a point where I need to recycle one of our own! Yes, my youngest child has hit the minimum requirements to bump up from a 5-point harness 'baby' car seat (as she disparagingly calls it) to a big girl booster. So I have a car seat that is too old to pass on, ready to be recycled. Good bye, old plaid seat. Time for you to learn about the 3 R's!

Thankfully, here in America's greenest city, Portland, Oregon, Legacy Health has recognized that most people want to do the right thing:

  • Retire car seats that are expired (ensures the ones in use are up-to-code and safe)
  • Gives car seat users an environmentally responsible way to recycle the plastic, metal and hard foam components

In the past, Legacy has hosted many a car seat fitting clinic and health events where they collected expired car seats. Now, they have changed a few things:

  • They ask that the owners take apart the car seats in advance, removing the fabric, harness webbing, soft foam, and mixed plastic/metal components. The metal and paper components can be recycled via regular curbside recycling programs. Legacy Health will recycle the hard plastic and hard foam parts. Thank goodness, because that would entirely mess up my one garbage can a month system if I had to pitch it!
  • They also have established regular drop-off points and drop-off times, as explained in a handy-dandy PDF outlining the car seat recycling guidelines. It also includes some illustrative photos of taking apart the seat to ready it for recycling. I am not going to list the drop off sites and times here, as those can change. So instead, I will link to Legacy Health's PDF of car seat recycling guidelines for Portland Metro on their web site, as I know they will keep it up-to-date.

Now, of course, old plaid doesn't have to go away entirely. Heck, I could make some lunch-box napkins out of that familiar old seat cover!! That'd drive my daughter so crazy, that I just might have to do it.


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