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How to naturally deodorize and clean a car's interior

Peee-yew! My car stinks. And unlike me, it's not the armpits (car pits?). But the whole inside. I'd guess we've u-picked at least a hundred pounds of strawberries and raspberries at this point, and you'd think summer berries might naturally perfume the interior space of a car? Well, not really. Given a little time in the hot sun, mixed with the various body odors we humans emit, that then coat the interior windows and hard surfaces with an oily, stinky slime. Not so much!

So, it's time for an interior car spa treatment! I did find that baking soda did a remarkable job removing the smell of kid vomit that filled our car once. Thus a dusting of baking soda, perhaps overnight, followed by a brisk vacuuming might de-stink and help the upholstered surfaces. As for the windows… vinegar? Lemon juice? Again, I fear the lingering scents might not be too sweet smelling. Perhaps if I wash the interior surfaces of the windows with vinegar or lemon juice, and let them air out with windows open overnight?

I'd love to hear your tried-and-true suggestions for naturally cleaning and deodorizing a car's interior…


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