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Noodling: popsicles, cars and eggs

There are three things on my mind. (Yep, there's only room for three.)

Homemade popsicles. I never buy popsicles. Ever. 1. You can't recycle freezer boxes in Portland. 2. You can't recycle the plastic wrapper. 3. You can't recycle the stick. That's a whole lot of energy and natural resources wasted. And our one can of garbage doth protest. My kids aren't happy about the popsicle situation, but they solve this by going to the neighbor's house where there are always popsicles in the freezer. This is embarrassing. So we're experimenting with homemade. Except I don't want to buy a mold, so there's this:

Tall, skinny shot glasses and chopsticks. Amazingly, this works pretty well, but we're still trying to figure out the best way to get the frozen pop out of the glass without breaking it. So far we just let them defrost a few minutes, then I grab the glass with a towel and pull on the stick with all of my might. So much for spontaneous pops. Also, recipes. We tried half vanilla yogurt, half raspberry puree, which was a bit tart. I'm thinking plain yogurt, strawberries and a little sugar. I'd love your ideas.

One car. Could my family live with one car? Lots of families do, but could my family? Could my husband take the bus or bike to work sometimes? Could I bike to the grocery store in the rain? Of course the answer is yes, we're physically capable of these things, but can we surmount the mental hurdle of inconvenience?

Eggs. I've been eating a lot of eggs lately. My favorite eggs cost $6 a dozen.


They're from a local farm and are sold at my neighborhood co-op. Pastured hens out there in the grass, eating grubs and insects. Gorgeous eggs, they are. Also better for you. But $6 -- holy. I don't buy them all the time, but wish I could. I spend a lot of time staring at eggs in the grocery store.

Thanks for the brain dump. Have a splendid weekend!


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