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Thank goodness for composting


Because we've had a lot of these leftovers this summer!

In fact, my compost bin overfloweth and I've had to bring in back-up. When I first started composting I took a bin we'd used for yard debris and drilled a whole bunch of small holes in the bottom and around the sides and used that as our compost bin. It worked fine but filled up quickly, so we purchased an Earth Machine. Food waste in the Earth Machine breaks down faster, but in the summer months when we eat a ton of fresh produce we tend to fill it up. So now we'll switch back to composting in the yard waste bin and let the Earth Machine cook for a few months.


That's the Earth Machine on the left and the retrofitted compost bin next to it. The two other bins are used for storing our brown yard waste -- typically dead leaves from our huge maple tree. Every time we dump our produce waste, egg shells and coffee grounds into the composter, we add a layer of dead leaves and a little water if it's too dry. This system has worked out really well for us (no rats!), it keeps us in compost for the garden and keeps much of our food waste out of the landfill (where it would break down and release methane). Hooray! 


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