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Buying white vinegar in bulk (not in plastic jugs) or home making?

One of our readers, Sara, is asking for your help, intrepid EnviroMom readers. Read on:
While in the midst of a Google search for buying white vinegar in bulk in Portland, I stumbled across your blog. While your blog didn't have the answers I was searching for, it seems like you might have the same desire that I do for no longer buying plastic jugs when I need to restock my vinegar supply. I've tried everywhere that I know of (in North Portland). I thought for sure the Co-op on NE 15th and Alberta would have it, but they only have every other kind of vinegar known to man. I hope you either already know where to find it, or have the resources to find out without biking all over town, and can share that information with me.
Sad to say, Heather and I don't know of any store in Portland selling white vinegar in bulk. Do you know of anywhere (bonus points if it's bike-able from North Portland) selling white vinegar in bulk (i.e., that you can decant into your own container)? If not, onto the next question… Does anyone make/brew/concoct their own white vinegar (Ack! I don't even know the proper verb to use...)? If so, we'd love to hear how it's done, what's needed, how long it takes, etc.


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