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What's in your kid's lunch box?

When we started soccer practice the week before school, it was great to see all the families that our kids have played with for years. Especially one family that moved (boo hoo!) across the river here in Portland, but chose to stick with the same soccer team to maintain the friendships (woo hoo!). The bad news? The two back-to-back practices are right around dinner time, and last two and a half hours. A few of us decided to pack picnic dinners so the non-practicing kid could eat while their sibling was playing. Lo and behold, said dear friend pulled out a thing of beauty that had most of the kids and moms ooh'ing and aaah'ing in envy.

Behold the Planet Box (you'll have to check out their site, as I was without a camera at soccer practice). Durable. Stainless steel! Dishwasher safe. Personalize with magnets! Insulated carrying case. An investment in your child's healthy eating future, thus, spendy.

Now, if that durable stainless-steel baby is not in your budget, and sadly, it's not in ours, there are alternatives. A dizzying array! A visit to our local Food Front Coop on its second birthday yielded a 10 percent discount on the stainless steel lunch containers I'd been eyeballing for the last few months, and also work with the soft lunch 'boxes' we have and want to continue using until they are falling apart, dead as a doornail. Thus, a LunchBots Uno for both of my kids. And a little To-Go Ware Sidekick. I picked the LunchBots because they fit a large, rectangular sandwich, unlike those darned baggies and other boxes that only fit square bread (that we no longer buy). I've used the To-Go Ware to pack yogurt and peaches -- the yogurt did not leak, the peach juice did. Both of these items have easy lids that my kids can open, but will probably be best for dry goods vs. gooey, leaky stuff.

To-Go Ware Sidekick
What's in your kid's lunch? Do tell about the food storage containers you love (and hate)! Feel free also to share winning lunch food items. And give yourselves a hearty pat on the back if you're packing healthy lunches day after day and resisting the Siren-call of the dreaded Lunchable, since at this point in the year, as we all strive to build routines, anything to speed up the morning sounds desirable so that the kids don't miss the bus (ahem).


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