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2010 Buy-Nothing-New Halloween Costume Challenge is on!

The EnviroMom buy-nothing-new Halloween costume challenge is pleased to kick off its third year! Your options are many. Swap costumes with friends and neighbors! Create something new-to-you by shopping in your closets or by tapping into your local thrift stores. Talk your younger kid into reusing a costume one of your older kids used several years back. Just don't buy anything new when decking out your kids in their Halloween duds this year. It's easy and fun!

Our family has gotten over the first hurdle in record time, I might add. The kids named their costumes of choice, to which I had no objections, therefore wasted no energy in trying to convince them to be something easier to make. We even got basic ingredients for our costumes at end-of-summer rummage sales to the tune of two dollars. Nicely done! Thankyouverymuch!

Without further ado, I present the artists' costume renderings (and these were drawn by my kids, not me):

Behold the penguin, clutching an egg at its feet. Don't ask me how we're going to manage the egg part. But my 6-year-old has been working on her penguin waddle.

Next, we present the enchantress of Camelot, Morgan le Fay. My 8-year-old is a big fan of the Magic Treehouse book series, where Morgan le Fay plays a recurring role as librarian.

We've had a few recent rainy Sundays that have given me time to start working on the costumes, and oh, they are super fun and looking good. I can't wait to share the finished costumes with you! Are you planning buy-nothing-new Halloween costumes this year? Share your ideas! Send pictures as they come together! Let us help brainstorm your costume challenges.


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