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More school salad bars means fewer fries and tater tots

Grist reports that the White House is hoping to install 5,000 salad bars in schools around the country. Amen to that.

Our elementary school has had a salad bar for ages. It's wonderful. It's self-serve. The kids are fairly responsible about taking only what they can eat. They can also come back for seconds, or thirds, as time permits (not all that much since lunch is only about 22 minutes long).

But if we want our nation's kids eating better, we gotta give them access to fruits and veggies. A salad bar does that handily. Pish, I say on fears about spreading germs, and proper height levels for the sneeze guards. Just let them eat salad and fruit, for crying out loud.

That's all I have to say. Thank you. Does your school have a salad bar? How's it working over there? What do you think about the White House salad bar expansion plan?


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