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EnviroGripe: Dish towels that don't dry dishes!

I will start with a positive. We are moving forward with our kitchen remodel. My husband and I have been working on a checklist over that past few months. Yes, we move very slowly. But we're now both (literally) on the same page on what a kitchen remodel needs to accomplish. We've listed what we like about our current kitchen (seriously, only two measly things). What we don't like about out kitchen: about 50 things. Hopes, dreams. Crazy ideas. Concerns. Real goals. And we've been meeting with professionals this week who can help us bring this project to fruition. So that's the positive.

On the negative… I have an EnviroGripe. New Category? I think so. One of the major topics of discussion about the remodel is the lack of storage space in a 1942 kitchen, and how we'd like to maximize efficiency this next go-around. Which has totally gotten me thinking about just what lurks in my cabinets and drawers. Truth be told, I have some weeding out to do. We surely have more dishes than we need. More spoons and spatulas. Rummage sale items that seemed too good to pass up, and then just end up taking space.

Dish-towels But back to my EnviroGripe (I really enjoy using that word). I have a stack of dish towels THAT DON'T WORK! Sure, you can dry your hands on them. But dry a dish? Forget about it. These towels don't absorb water. They just move water around, and said water sticks stubbornly to the dish! Who are these towel makers who make defective towels? Shouldn't its ability to dry a dish be tested or deemed somewhat important in the making of a dish towel? I feel like the Lorax! I speak for the dishes!! Or the dish dryers. Or the cotton that sacrificed its fluff to become these lame-o towels.

The only dish towels I have that actually dry dishes are pure white, and consequently, I almost never use them, except when drying (hand wash only) wine glasses. The rest of the time I use my frustratingly defective dish towels and curse their very existence. How do you find a dish towel that actually dries worth a darn? And since we're on this very scintillating and important topic, how do you exist without a dish rack? I see many minimalist kitchens without them, and always mean to ask, but usually forget. If people are hand drying instead of using a dish rack, surely they have found some dish towels that work!


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